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Shooting of AGORA
AGORA a short film written and directed by P. Ounas

Main character : Willam, High School teacher of french litterature and graffer, secretly.

Shooting in January

On the earth of the Little Prince
December Tour South West of France

Dir. Arnaud Devolontat

Character : Saint Exupéry

SHOOTING THE END OF A MORNING, japanese long movie
THE END OF A MORNING, Japanese-french long movie directed by Hiroshi Nishitani Shooting in english

Part : Deputy Head of the Police Dep of Paris

SHooting in october novembre of THE IDEAL AUTISTIC ONE, director S. Nona

Supporting part: The special agent

Shooting in october for the long movie, A PERFECT SON, director Didier Bivel

I will be the architect (english part)

Public Reding CANIS MAJOR
Public reading of CANIS MAJOR, the new novel writtent by Philippe Bataille

October the 5th

at the Société des Gens de Lettre, Hotel de Massa, Paris

Shooting of the film ALLER SIMPLE ( One way ticket)
Shooting in july - august 2018

Director : J-Ph Bergamot    and     Chief Operator: Pierre Aim 

          ( Polisse, bBenvenue chez les chti, etc)

Main horal character, with the actress Coralie Schubert.

International Festival of Stage directors
Théâtre Gérard Philippe, - Centre Dramatique National

Actor, with the israelian director Hannan Ishay

Video Game History weekly review


February - March


The weekly review of the Video Game wolrd history


Created and directed by Joris Augustin

Recording ISS RESCUE

Narration voice of the first realistic VR video game,ISS RescueSauvegarder

An IWAY Production., from the movies Apollo 13 and Gravity.


Studio VOA, Paris

Shooting "Le temps du reveil"

Fiction movie, supported by GREC CNC funds


Directed by Nicolas Roche

December 2017 january 2018

The sucker, director Alex Caro

Festival Court devant Offical selection - catégoru "Shorts for long films

At the BNF François Mitterand  lundi 20th november 2017 16h-18h

This movie has been awarded eighteen times in festivals around the world (United Statess, U-K, China, India, Canada, etc...)

Audio book "From laugth to tears"

Prix lire dans le noir : Selection 2018

Author : Nausicaa Ferro

Editor : Voolume

Very happy to have been part of this beautifull and delicate adventure in litterature as a reader, and glad that it found this aknowledgement.

Public reading "The McAlpine spliiway"

Théâtre de l'Aquarium

author : Naomi Wallace

Monday 20th novembet 2017

Play chosen by Aurélie Van Den Daele, resident stage directeor

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